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Gotcha! Tips for using a drop trap to TNR.

Tonight while out on a TNR (trap, neuter, return) job, my husband and I decided to bring out the drop trap. For some trappers, a drop trap is their go-to for trapping. We usually have success with the traditional box traps and bring out the drop trap for those cats who seem to be avoiding the box traps.

Drop traps are larger and propped up on one side with a stick (we use a PVC pipe) attached to a string. Once a cat walks completely under the trap, we pull the string and the drop trap falls over the top of the cat.

Some tips for using a drop trap:

1. Put the bait to the back, center under the trap and wait for the cat to be completely under the trap before pulling the string. You don’t want the trap to fall down on any part of the cat (usually the tail) and injuring the cat. 

2. Be sure to set the trap on a flat surface. The cat will want to push out the side of the trap to escape and if the trap isn’t on level ground, he just might sneak out. I speak from experience. 

3. As soon as you pull the string and the trap falls over the cat, apply pressure to the top of the drop trap because a strong cat can push it up and escape.

Drop traps are a wonderful tool in getting hard to catch feral cats. Tonight we were able to trap three feral cats using the drop trap that were not interested in entering a box trap. We used some stinky fishy cat food as bait and that did the trick! The cats will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated tomorrow. No more babies for these cats!

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