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C5’s most wanted has been apprehended!

C5’s most wanted has been apprehended! Fertile Myrtle was on the lam and is now in custody! Don’t let those innocent eyes fool you. This girl has already had four litters on the street has eluded the trap police. Despite our use of stinky fish, bait cardboard box covers and the drop trap…there was no trapping this sneaky mama on the run!

What did the trick? Thank goodness for the colony caretaker. We came up with a plan to feed her closer and closer to a large dog kennel on his porch. This morning while she was eating, the colony caretaker quickly shoved her behind in the kennel and slammed the door shut.

He then called my husband and I. We brought over a box trap and quickly snuck it in the dog kennel. We used a long broom handle to “shoo” her into the box trap and closed the door behind her. The suspect is now in custody and en route to the correction facility aka the spay clinic. The streets of Las Vegas are now safe from her juvenile delinquents.

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